Wet shoes and beefing up

It has been rainy and damp for the past week or more, and it's going to continue as more typhoons pass by Japan. I only brought one pair of shoes, so that quickly got drenched and started stinking. Yeah, for a couple days I brought the wonderful aroma of brevibacteria by-products to the company. Today I bought a pair of Nike shoes at ABC Mart, a famous shoe store apparently, in Hachioji (a nearby big town). It's a nice, dark pastel green pair, for about 120 Canadian. I also bought some shoe shampoo too clean my other pair; it's actually pretty new so I don't want to throw it away.

I've been thinking to myself, "I should really start working out soon!" for quite some time now, so today I mustered enough motivation to fight back the procrastination devil and went to register at a Hachioji gym. It's Megalos, a large chain of gyms. I must say the service here is impeccable. I couldn't complete the registration because I needed to bring a hanko (personal stamp) but yet I was treated to a personal tour that lasted over 45 minutes. They even gave me a body check-up which gave a thorough breakdown: protein weight, muscle weight, fat weight, bone weight, water weight - all individually measured for different body parts! The conclusion? I need to increase muscle weight. I think that's why I'm here... =P

Hmm, I still have 15 minutes left here in the Internet cafe. I guess I'll do some surfing.


Jian said...

Hey! Just thought to drop by this morning at 5am, since I couldn't sleep anymore. It's a very interesting read. Thanks!

How much is the monthly fee at Megalos anyways?

Ambrose said...

Pumping up eh?

Did they take an iron reading as well Jason? Is it still at 800%? =p

Working out seems like...so much work, I never have the motivation to do it myself. The occasional sport outing, I'll go for, but pumping weights and such doesn't appeal to me, yet. Unless I want some Arnold-esque body.

Say, why don't you go on the Atkins diet and eat only fat? That'll beef you up for sure!

Jason Yu said...

Hey Jian! Hmm, Megalos is about 70 Canadian a month for the night course (starts at 9pm and ends at 11:30pm). The full course is about 120 Canadian I think.

Ambrose! Oh yeah, that. No, you can't turn me into an electro-magnet anymore =P (maybe Magneto can...)

An all-fat diet? That'll be porking up and not beefing up!