It's hot and humid. I can't seem to sleep, so why try? Yeah I gave up, so I'm sweltering in my room typing, trying to revive my blog. I miss those single room aircons in Japan. It could be 35 outside, but my bedroom would be a nice 23. I would buy one if we have them here... install it in my room...

(Listening to Escaflowne soundtrack.) Let's see, my next post will be list of goals for this term, and maybe a routine I should follow...

Until then, cha!


Quitting WoW and starting MtGO?

My WoW subscription ends this month and I'm supposed to get my ass back to work. This term has to be kick-ass in terms of grades, since I'm applying to law schools starting in the fall. No more gaming for Jason?

But there's MtGO! It's great for taking a break every now and then, since an average game of Magic takes only 10 to 20 minutes or so. So I'm thinking of replacing WoW with MtGO.

I haven't made an account though; I'm content for now playing newbs with 9th edition precons using the free trial. If others are willing to play some MtGO then I'm sure to sign up!

So... who's up for this?


Getting used to campus life

This term reminds me of my 1B term: summer at UW place. It was hot in 1B and will be hotter this time, since I'm on the top floor...

Let's see, what happened the first week?

I turned to the dark side and started playing WoW. So WoW was all I did except classes. My first Onyxia experience was disappointing: it took almost three hours and my raid group wiped on Onyxia Warders (which is shameful).

The elecs '07 are on campus this term, and I want to meet up! Hopefully I'll meet them soon...