Exams, LSAT juku, and a brief reprieve

Dear journal/planner: July 31 to August 12 is exams, then August 18-20 is LSAT prep. Then I'm headed for the West Coast! I need more energy and motivation to overcome this lethargic heat...

(P.S. Too bad Waterloo isn't a snow land.)


Draft decks face off!

Today Alan and I faced each other with decks from our G9G and Coldsnap drafts. My G9G deck is one of the best I've made: it won all its single-player and multiplayer matches. It's Izzet-Gruul with a focus on combat tricks and card drawing. Alan's Coldsnap deck is a very aggressive deck that won most of its single-player games. It has an almost unfair allotment of snow cards and exploits that with 3 Skreds.

So, we faced off.

In the first game, Alan easily removed my defenders with 2 Skreds and a Surging Flame, winning the game quickly.

The second game was less one-sided. Alan got me down to 8 but I stabilized and eventually won.

The last game was very memorable. It started off like the first game, and soon I was down to 5. Alan was at 19. I had an idea worth 19 damage if it worked out, but it was risky. So I chose to pursue it.

Okay here's the game state.

Alan had 4 creatures in play:
Karplusan Wolverine, Zombie Musher, Stromgald Crusader, Orcish Bloodpainter (summoning sickness), two land untapped, and 1 card in his hand.

I also had 4 creatures:
Wee Dragonauts, Izzet Chronarch, Izzet Chronarch, Silhana Ledgewalker

So I decided to attack with all my creatures! I had 4 instants in my hand; these were key to the play: Gigadrowse, Schismotivate, Wildsize, Leap of Flame.

Alan declares blockers. He's at a comfortable 19, so Zombie Musher blocks one Izzet Chronarch. He blocked only one creature and didn't give his Crusader flying to block my Dragonauts. That sealed the game.

I cast all my instants, making my Wee Dragonauts 16/5 flying, trample, first strike. The unblocked Chronarch and Ledgewalker contribute to make 19 damage. Ultra! Ultra! Ultra!!!


Thank you H20

A storm has passed over, dropping the temperature a few degrees. Thank you water! Thwater.


Le stuck

I'm stuck on a new math problem. Alan's having problems recalling the solution to a previous problem. I hope we get them soon. On another note, Alan showed me a pic of some card from Time Spiral.