Rage Against the (Vending) Machine

Today, after studying some CS241 with Alan, I went to buy some drinks from the nearby vending machines. I bought my apple juice for $1.75, which is normal... and then I went to buy Coke for Alan. So, I start inserting the coins... quarter, quarter, quarter -- then the machine got jammed!

I go back to Alan to tell him about his misfortune, and we end up going back to the vending machines. I tell him that it's jammed, but Alan, being a tad stubborn, wants to insert another quarter (a special one called "Wisdom").

Jason: "I wouldn't recommmend wasting another 25 cents Alan."

Alan: "Just let me try it."

Jason: "Okay then."

Alan: "Here goes Wisdom!"

*Machine eats the coin*

Jason: "Told you!"

Alan: "Oh no. Damn vending machine."

I decide to head back to studying. Apparently, Alan then decides to spend $1.25 on a can instead of $1.75 on a bottle. So, he goes to the adjacent can vending machine and tries it. After 75 cents, it also became jammed. Alan puts in a penny in an attempt to unclog it, and it worked! He inserts another quarter, and the machine jams again!

Alan then goes to another bottle vending machine and spends $1.75 on a Coke bottle. He comes back and tells me about the can vending machine and his bottle. Alan paid $4.20 for his Coke!

This reminds me of when I got screwed over by vending machines in high school:

*Jason deposits $2 into the vending machine*
*nothing happens*
*15 minutes later -- a girl walks by and buys a pop from the same machine*
*Jason decides that the machine now works*
*Alan and Raymond advise Jason that it's not worth it*
*being stubborn, Jason deposits another $2 into the vending machine*
*nothing happens*
*Jason feels rejected for the rest of the day*

Conclusion: Vending machines should be more reliable!



Bao got an Xbox! He's also infinitely broke! :P Check out his blog for more info, hehe. I've tried Burnout 3, Battlegrounds, and Halo. Halo is just like the PC version, but with co-op play. Maybe co-op is worth the extra $45 :P.

So yeah... with midterms looming, I'm trying out Xbox games! w00t!

Also, I'm beginning to question whether the place I'm renting is worth the money. After all, I spend almost all my time elsewhere, only using my room as a place to sleep. Maybe I should *make* it worth the money by actually living there, instead of somewhere else :P

Hehehe :P :P :P.

Yeah, it's too late at night; I'm practically insane. Time to logoff...


Champions of Kamigawa Drafts

I played two drafts of Champions of Kamigawa (CHK) recently. I think CHK is a set with great mechanics! Of the two drafts, I would say the first was the most fun since all the cards were new to me (but not to others... you know who you are :P). The second draft was today and was pretty fun too. I opened three 'bombs': Kokusho, the Evening Star, Yosei, the Morning Star, and Kodama of the North Tree.

Cool points:
-I made a deck that highly resembled Alan's Samurai deck, and he made a deck that was a lot like my deck from the first draft.
-Isamaru is now known as "East Side Mario's" :D
-Keiga the Tide Star likes to eat removal (usually from its controller!), so that he can gain control of a creature =P

-Thief of Hope is way too powerful within the block. Basically for every spell (you can make it that way) you cast you gain 1 life and your opponent loses 1 -- for each Thief you control! Is it the new Wild Mongrel?
-Glacial Ray is also too good :)
-Myojins don't seem to do much, but Dragon Spirits own!

Now, Alan and I are thinking of combining our cards to make an ultra-Red/Black and an ultra-Samurai deck.