Wine and Cheese

Some people have asked me what I like most about law school. My favourite part is the free lunches. About 3-4 times a week there is a free lunch offered by a law firm, society, or club. Sushi lunch is the trend recently and luckily pizza lunches are on the decline. These free lunches overall make for a great time to socialize and well, eat for free.

I'm going to the annual Wine and Cheese in downtown Vancouver tonight. It's a get-together hosted by the big law firms. Although I have no particular interest in working in BigLaw, this should prove to be a good experience in networking and the consuming of wines and cheeses.


Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is a superstar - a superstar professor and litigator. He's my Crim law prof. Jackson's pushing for prison condition reforms in Canada, and has successfully represented many "dangerous" prisoners: the "balcony rapist" from Toronto, for example, who served 20 years in prison. Interestingly for us, these people - who were just released from prison - are coming to speak to our class in the next couple of weeks. We'll have their cases read before class, to know what to ask them.

Michael Jackson's publications can be found on his website: http://www.justicebehindthewalls.net/


Orientation, classes, and free law firm paraphernalia

First day was quite overwhelming, both in the sheer amount of information poured on us and in the mound of physical objects we're supposed to take home. Information came in the form of speeches, mini-lectures, and advice from upper-year students, and of course, the 20 lb. box of case papers for our courses. The physical objects I mentioned were useful and thoughtful gifts from various law firms - though somewhat redundant (we got about four water bottles or mugs) - but I guess they couldn't really coordinate their donations.


New school, new laptop

Concluding that my 15.4" notebook is too unwieldy to lug around to every class, I ordered a Vostro 1400 from Dell Small Business this Monday. I was afraid the notebook wouldn't be delivered on time, as Inspirons from Dell Home usually take 2-3 weeks from PO to delivery, but DSB surprised me with a swift 1-week turnaround. I'm loving the deal: pretty cheap, 2 pounds lighter than my 15.4-incher, and a high-res screen. Here's the specs:

Vostro 1400
14.1" WXGA+ 1440x900 LCD (glossy)
Intel Celeron M 540 @1.86GHz (single core Merom)
1.5GB DDR2 SDRAM @667 MHz
80GB 5400 rpm HDD
Intel GMA X3100 integrated graphics
Intel 4965 wireless a/g/n
24x CD Burner/DVD combo drive
56 WHr 6-cell battery

After a few calls, including some very polite negotiation with a CSR, I got the above for $699. I'm pretty satisfied.


Heading to 1L soon

I'm headed to UBC law school in September. But I have yet to choose between several career paths. One takes me into public service, where I hope I eventually end up being a judge or justice of the peace. Another route leads to BigLaw(tm), where the money is. Trouble is I'd have to sell my life (and soul) to the law firm, at least until I make partner. The third path is public interest law. I don't have a strong conviction for any cause right now though, and the pay isn't great, so mostly likely I won't be doing public interest.

But who knows? Every law student I've talked to has said law school changes people, and that it's the most significant experience in their lives. So I'll stand at a crossroads right now, and let my law school experience guide me down the right path. The only thing I'm sure of now is that I want to go on exchange to Japan.