To-do risuto

Add: I started using Google Calendar today. Much better than this list =P. Here's the feed.

'x' means done, while '-' means not 'x'.

Moving from apartment:
x clean room
x pack and move to aunt's house

x work evaluation
x work report evaluation
x application for pension plan lump-sum withdrawal
x farewell speech

Gifts/requested items:
x peanut butter for Silph
x Magic cards for Alan
x Aquarius for Bao
x iPod nano for sister
x high-end shaver for father
x electronic thermometer for mother
x Gundam modeling books for Paul

x Chiba University
- Akina downhill
x Akihabara (electric town)

x cancel gym membership
x cancel cell phone


Auld Lang Syne's a playing

Work'll soon come to a close, and then I'll have about a week to boldly go where I haven't gone before. I'm scrapping the FAQ idea: it's too time-consuming! I tried a new Pokémon game involving playing as a kid transformed into a Pokémon. You get a Pokémon pal too -- I chose (read: choose you) Pikachu! Yeah, that didn't last long. Then I tried a Rockman RPG, but that failed as well. So I give up.

I'm welcoming suggestions for where I should travel to in my last week. Anyone know cool places/things to do around Tokyo? I'm sure some of you do. Yeah, the only conditions are that it's around Tokyo (< 2 hour train) and that it doesn't cost a fortune. =)

Oh yeah, the title of this post. Japanese stores have a habit of playing Auld Lang Syne when they're about to close, and I thought that it fits this time quite well.