Unofficial Transcript

Let's see what I've done over the last four years. It's been mostly school and Japan.

I came to Waterloo in Fall 2002 majoring in PC & video games with a minor in dining out.

Snes 106: Introduction to Final Fantasy 6, Mario RPG and Zelda
Plaza 120: Plaza restaurants
WC3 101: Introductory Warcraft III
WC3 100: Warcraft III: Single player, Multiplayer, and Mods (double credit)

I'm cutting out a few terms because I'm lazy.

In 2B I changed my major to World of Warcraft and took a couple electives.

Wow 102: Introduction to World of Warcraft
Wow 134: Class selection (to which the answer is "Paladin")
Wow 138: Why Stormrage is Down: Semi-Real Analysis
Drift 135: Introduction to Driving sideways
Draft 136: Drafting in Racing games and Magic: the Gathering

I took another school term right after to get interviews for Epson.

Winter 2005

Dungeon 235: Introduction to Instances
Econ 239: Gold farming and Inflation
Raid 330: An Overview of Raiding
Group 336: Introductory Group Theory
Drift 486: Advanced sideways driving in PGR2
Pld 389: The Third Life

Then I went to Japan for a year.

Spring 2006
Pld 399: Being Immune
Guild 340: Militis Justica
Raid 454: Molten Core, Zul'Gurub and Ahn'Qiraj
Draft 380: Online drafting
Magic 338: Magic's rules and interesting cards
Socio 250: Badminton, Bubble Tea and Card games