A lull and some useless things I did

I haven't done much aside from work since I arrived. Realizing this, I recently developed a strong urge to volunteer, work out, and study Japanese.

Megalos (the gym), Japanese lessons, volunteering - everything is set to begin in October.

I'm now waiting for October. This week I've somehow fallen into a state of torpor; waves of boredom and apathy have been breaking on motivation beach. Normally when this happens I go out and buy a game, however, this time I squandered my time on online tests.

I want to be more transparent. If my life is a house, I hope this blog will be like a window, revealing the innards rather than like a photo album with snapshots of the exterior.

Starting now I'll post some personal things, including dreams, fears, thoughts, et cetera.


I found out my overseas health plan covers psychological tests, so I treated myself to some. I took two intelligence tests. An emotional IQ assessment will have to wait till next year as the $400 allowance for this calendar year is all spent.


IQ tests are quite fun. The "ah-hah!" feeling experienced after solving a perplexing problem is certainly one of euphoria. Online tests usually don't have problems of this caliber; the few I've found were all hosted by highiqsociety.org.

Online tests:
  • iqtest.com = 148
  • intelligencetest.com = 138 // "Ph.D. certified" ?
  • queendom.com = 144
  • web.tickle.com
    • Super IQ Test = 143
    • Classic IQ Test = 144 // Another flawed and simple test
  • highiqsociety.org
    • Ultimate IQ Test = 150, 157 // well made (took it twice)
    • Verbal IQ Test = 144 // features obscure words that have no practical use
    • Timed IQ Test = 136 // this proves I'm slow :P
    • Culture Fair IQ Test = 155, 153 // I liked this one best (score went down T_T)
    • Test for Exceptional Intelligence = 155 // takes a long time to finish, took me over 3 hours I think
Paper tests:
  • Entrance-test-thingy-into-gifted-program = ? // forgot, enough to get in :P
  • WAIS-III = 155 // most comprehensive test I've taken
  • Tanaka-something, a Japanese IQ test = 8th percentile // >.<
Try out some of these!

Personality tests
  • EQ = 99 // EverQuest = level 34 cleric :P
  • What's your Destiny? = Manager // Oh come on, a destiny should have more grandeur
  • What's your Fantasy Island? = New Zealand
  • Ayurveda Body Type = Vata
  • The Confidence Test = High
  • Career Personality Test = ESTJ
  • What Breed of Dog are You? = Scottish Terrier
I like the IQ tests better. Good IQ tests are like good games: they stimulate the mind. Personality tests are like surveys.


Anonymous said...

eighth percentile on the jap test huh? you can pass for a dumb japanese guy then

Kagami said...

I don't really like online IQ tests...they usually have a cap on how high you can go, they don't time you, and they don't assess learning speed or memory as much as they do your ability to "think fast" and recognize patterns.

Little story: I once took an IQ test my bro sent me. It claimed my IQ was "123", which made no sense, since acceptance into the Mode 3 Enhanced program is supposed to require at least 130... So I decided to check their answer page. Apparently, I only made 1 error, but the test was capped at a maximum score of 125!...So useless.

Maybe I'll try some of the tests you've recommended later. I assume since you exceeded 125 that they're not "made by retards for retards". :P

Jason Yu said...

I agree: online IQ tests tend to have low caps.

Some actually have high ceilings but I think those just bloat scores on purpose to tempt people into paying for some ego satisfying report.