Exam Time is like...

Well, it has been exam time for 2-3 weeks or so and nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

Bao bought some new games that are 'different' let's say, from the usual console-type games. Donkey Konga is a game where you match beats on the screen with your bongo.. kinda like a drum game or something. Karaoke Revolution is, well, karaoke. It has mostly oldies, so I only knew like 1 song (Complicated, by Avril) when I first started playing. We all know at least 5 or more songs pretty well now.

Alan and I have continued to play inhuman amounts of WoW in the past few weeks (a rough estimate is provided on Bao's blog). And no, don't try this at home kids: it's bad for your social life, health, grades, and a ton of other stuff.

CSI is interesting. (Is it interesting compared to other TV shows?) Yes.
[Some sort of inside joke relating to how Alan defined 'good' when asked about his rice ;P]

And yeah, our Group Theory exam is in 12 hours and 1 minute. I hope we can cram for it tommorow!


Going to Japan

I haven't blogged for so long (too lazy and stuff..) but I should probably blog about this. I'm going to Japan to work for a year or so for Epson. I'm pretty excited :) It took the folks over at Japan a while to decide where I'll be working (there are 6 locations all over Japan) but they've finally decided that I'll be working in Hino! Hino (日野) is near Tokyo central -- in fact it is technically a part of Tokyo. I actually wanted to work in one of the smaller towns (like Beppu or Ueda) so that I'll be immersed in a fully Japanese environment, but I can't really complain about Hino either.. =P.

Here's a map of the software lab locations in case anyone's interested: