New acquaintances

I met some new people in the last two days.

Yesterday I went to Tokyu Square in nearby Hachioji to check out its international exchange corner. After reading some brochures I approached the reception lady. Apparently she's a close friend of the last Epson intern from Canada, Candy! Her name is Tsuneko. According to her, she acted like a mother to Candy. We chatted a bit, exchanged contacts, and then she left.

I lingered a bit and visited a volunteer club with a long name: Club of Children and Students Working Together for [a] Multicultural Society (CCS). I told them I wanted to join CCS. I was rejected because I'm working here and not studying here. Not all was bad however, as I met some people around my age who were volunteering there. Again, some new contacts, and this time I was first to leave.

Today I met two fellow gaijins on the stairs to my apartment. It seems easy to befriend other foreigners in Japan. I think it's because we share a lot of experiences here and are in similar situations, and voila - that's the important common ground.


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Jason Yu said...

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Ambrose said...

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jon said...
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Alan said...

Funny anonymous spammers.

Hmmm...so Club of Children and Students Working Together for [a] Multicultural Society gets abbreviated to only CCS? Awww...what was that game name that ended up being joking abbreviated to MoO2BaA?