Unexpected turns

I found out some things today that, if I had known earlier, would've saved me a lot of hassle.

First off, some background. The place I'm staying at is best described as half-motel, half-apartment. It's suited for people that want to stay longer than they would usually at a hotel, and short enough so that a rental apartment would cost too much (renting a place in Japan costs a lot, about 4-7 months rent is normal for the first payment). Hence the term "Weekly/Monthly マンション". That Japanese word is 'mansion', but it doesn't carry the same meaning as the English 'mansion' - not at all :P.

Anyways, it already comes loaded with the internet. Yup. I just have to buy an Ethernet cable and I'm set. Moreover, there's lots of free channels with good programs, including anime, recent movies, and CSI!! I guess the absurd cost of the rent here is justified. I mean 107,800 yen a month is a bit steep for a fairly rural place!

Secondly, and lastly (I have 2 minutes left in internet cafe time =P) I found a pair of new shoes in my luggage! For those that haven't read, I bought a new pair because my shoes got soaked and stunk. Wow, now wasn't that a wisely spent 10,000 yen? :P


Ambrose said...

Yay more spam, we all love spam!

Yeah well at least you found out now, and not like...a month before you left Japan, heh.

So now we can expect you to be online and blog more, muhahaha, that is, once you come home from your bar runs.

So your monthly rent translates to what, about $1200 Cdn / month. That's nearly 3 times as expensive as it cost in 'loo =p Well, I'm sure your salary should more than make up for any expenses you'd have in Jap.

Bao said...

I was thinking that too! $1200 per month? That's... crazy!

Anyway... CSI is nice. Season premieres are starting soon, at least they are over here ;) And it's good to hear that you have internet on a regular basis now, so we'll be seeing you online more often =)

Enrico Pangan said...

Hi there. I live in Kagoshima City and I only pay around 50,000 yen a month for my apartment. I have friends renting Leopalace apartments and they only pay something like 60,000 yen a month.


Jason Yu said...

Bye bye spam :)

Yes, Leopalace apartments can be rented for as little as 60,000 to almost 300,000 yen a month, depending on location, amenities, et cetera. Rent can vary greatly however, based chiefly on what 'rank' the room is and the payment system used. I'm renting a rank L flat on a per month basis.

Here's a chart listing the rental costs by rank: http://www.eg.leopalace21.com/service01_01.html