Fun Driving Lessons

My driving instructor is funny, yet he seems to be a little crazy. He's quite fearless I'd say, telling me to make left turns when the oncoming traffic is only about 3 seconds away. His favourite phrase is "Go go go!" and he loves to make me drive over the speed limit :). He also loves to talk about the things in life while teaching me. Every lesson he asks me if I like girls - here's how the usual conversation goes:

(Two female students who'd just had their lessons leave the car...)
Instructor: "Umm...so, do you like girls?"
Me: "Yes..."
Instructor: "So you're normal! Haha! Wait, how old are you again?"
Me: "I'm 20."
Instructor: "Ah! That's okay I guess, but be careful, you know, girls can be... Wait! You're going BELOW the speed limit. What are you doing?! GO GO GO!"


Ambrose said...

Hm...that "Go go go!" stuff is more suited for driving after you've gotten your license.

If you take your road test using "Go go go!" mentality, you'd most probably fail, heh.

I guess him talking to you all the time kind of gets you used to driving w/ ppl. Just be sure to put enough focus on road conditions while you're conversing.

Kagami said...

I'm glad my driving instructor wasn't so senile, hehe.

Jason Yu said...

Lol :)
Another thing he often says goes like this:
Him: "Don't trust anyone these days, Jason."
Me: "Why?"
Him: "Just don't. It's not safe. The only exception is that you must trust your parents. If they say that night is day, then you must believe that night is day. However, if anyone else says that to you - even if he or she is your sibling, cousin, whatever - don't trust them."
Me: "Okay sir..."

Silph said...

*laughs* Oh, man, I hope when I learn to drive, I'll get a driving instructor as cool as yours! ^_^

Bao said...

my driving instructor wasn't thaat good. He was okay, but sometimes it was hard to understand his english. The most memorable time for me was when one day, I was supposed to make a left turn, so I asked him if it was safe to go, or if I should proceed. And he says "uh-huh" (in the tone that corresponds with "yes"). I was unsure, so i ask him again, and once again, he says "uh-huh".

So I step on the gas on a bit, and he says "what are you doing??" because apparently his "uh-huh" means "no"... so that sucked..

Alan said...

hehe...your driving instructor is as funny as mine! I blogged about some funny quotes that he made a long time ago...

I think a lot of driving instructors probably get bored after a while 'cause driving becomes their entire life...

"No! If you turn now, you are committed suicide!"
-my driving instructor, Hubert Pak

Jason Yu said...

Oh yeah, I remember that one! LOL :)