Damn UW Housing!

To make a long story short, stupid UW Housing has rejected my application because they hold grudges and don't stick to their own "first-come first-serve" rule. To top that off, they didn't even tell me that they wouldn't consider my application: I had to wait just like everyone else for the results to finally find out that I was rejected outright anyway since the very beginning. Grrr... they just piss me off so much!!!

Anyways, being angry isn't going to get me a room, so I was wondering if any of you that are reading this know of a place I can rent for the Fall 2004 term? Thanks for your help!


Silph said...

Oo, that would piss me off, too.

Anyways, being angry isn't going to get me a room
very reasonable thought. Although, you're always welcome to cast some of your annoyance out on your blog anytime. It makes for good reading, besides! ^^

Hope you find a place; I hope it isn't too hard.

Ambrose said...

Hm, why did they reject your application right from the get go? Did you do something to your room or Don? =P

Hm, you can try using the UW Housing site, they have an off-campus listing...you can try that out if you don't have any other leads. Oh, and if you want to rent as a group, find your group fast and stick with it until like mid-August.

Alan said...

Yeah, I wish you good luck too sir. Me and Bao and Duy will try to get in touch with our landlord for you, but I dunno if we would be allowed to have 4 ppl; though it would be a blast if we could.

And I have to agree with Silph too, let out your anger in your blog lol. A post filled with emotion and expression is much more fun to read that just a boring monotonous one. (and I know I make those sometimes.)

Jason Yu said...

Lol Ambrose...
No, I didn't do anything to the Don, it's just that I turned down their offer back in January. Bah, oh well, they can have their 'justice' and eat it too...

Alan, can you do that please? Thanks a bunch :)