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What is time? We treat it as obvious knowledge, yet we lack a solid answer. We define units of time, measure time, but we cannot manipulate time. In contemporary physics, time may be unified with space into spacetime, but it's definitely not akin to the spatial dimensions.

I'm now 22. I'll never be 21 again.

What's life? Why am I here? Should I do something before I turn 23? 24? Age, and hence time, scare me. We're so helpless: Tick. Tick. Tick...

I like how this Enka song captures life and time. It sets a deep and mildly melancholic mood apt for reflection. Enka tends to do this kind of thing very well.

川の流れのように (trans. "Like how the river flows") by 美空ひばり

知らず知らず 歩いてきた
細く長い この道
振り返れば 遥か遠く
でこぼこ道や 曲がりくねった道
地図さえない それもまた人生
ああ 川の流れのように ゆるやかに
いくつも 時代は過ぎて
ああ 川の流れのように とめどなく
空が黄昏に 染まるだけ

I'll translate it and find an mp3 soon.

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Kevin said...

haha. I feel you Jason. That is truthiness. But seriously, a friend of mine told me when I said the same thing at my birthday last year that you're still young and that you still have time to find your life purpose.

I think my friend talks awful nonsense sometimes. But at least you're thinking about it.

Happy Birthday btw!