New year, new post

Yes, very late, but happy New Near! 新年あけおめ!

Sorry for not posting. I've been caught up in "family" things: a cousin from Shanghai is visiting, and my aunt opened up a restaurant. The weather is fine here, around 9 in the daytime and 4 in the evening.

I got Bao's awesome anime package in the mail a week or so ago, filled with food for slacking. After feasting, I started to think about Canada, about home. And the more I thought the more I came to miss it. Oh, in the vast fields of white (with some brown and black on the roadsides [ed.: don't spoil the image]) how I long to roll! T_T

Today, I decided when my last day of work would be: April 14th. I'm thinking of flying home around April 18-20th. I hope Bao's house is open from April 19-21st to May 1st... =P

In my spare time I was shopping and exploring Tokyo with my two cousins, playing games (Golden Sun 2, Civilization IV, Freespace 2, Freelancer, Super Mario RPG, Lego Star Wars, Windows Vista's Chess), eating too much, and eating too much too much [ed.: hard to read].

I also tried a new IQ test by highiqsociety.org, the Teaching Assistant Cubed, and got a questionable result. I tried it again and got 134. @_@


Kagami said...

I'm not sure their percentage is accurate. From what I've read, I think you're in the top 5% by the time you hit IQ 130. And all Mode 3 Enhanced students are supposed to be above IQ 130 at least. Not sure what Mode 2's are.

I'm pretty sure 160 would be in the top 0.01% or so.

Jason Yu said...

I think 134 is believable. I've had a wide range of results from online tests, and I like to picture myself at that level. But who cares about the number... the test itself is what counts! And this test was boring. The ones they had before were so much more entertaining. For one, this test had entire sections that could be solved easily if you recognized a single pattern. Yeah, one ring to rule them all.

Alan said...

Yay! A new post! :) Okay...time to get back to my stat 330 assignment now...

Hmmm...hopefully me and Duy will be done exams by the time you get back. Exam period ends on the 22nd this term.

Sounds like you've been having great fun over in Japan. Have you got any idea of what courses you're going to be taking in the summer yet? I know mostly what I'm going to take, stuff like History of Math, but for some reason my enrollment appointment isn't showing up on QUEST. I guess I better go talk to the MUO before I get screwed over again.

Alan said...

Oh...and, uh, Happy Birthday!! :P

Bao said...

glad you liked the anime :)

Anyway, we miss you too, and hope you come back soon too. Don't forget to buy me some aquarius! :P

Jason Yu said...

Oh yeah Aquarius... you know what, I should go try that out myself soon. =)