Crunch time

It's crunch time. Home before 10pm? No way.

On the bright side, I get to toy with confidential releases of Beta 2 of Windows Vista and the technical beta of Office 12. Though to be more specific, it's Vista and Office that's toying with my program... =P

So what am I doing? I'm working on an XPS implementation which will be used in the upcoming Windows. XPS has great potential I think. It's a open fixed-document format, which means it's non-interactive like PDF, platform independent, and also it's the native spool format of Vista. Imagine the possibilities. Better yet, imagine the specification. Yup, it's only 385 pages long. (version 0.7 was ultra verbose at 500-ish)

Oh yeah, I have to keep track of some blogs at work... ;)

Tim Sneath (WPF & WinFX)

Feng Yuan (Windows Digital Documents)

Andy Simonds (Windows Digital Documents)

XPS Team (Windows Digital Documents)

Brian Jones (Microsoft Word)

Jeff Bell (Microsoft Publisher)

Office 12 and Vista are visually dazzling. The system requirements are equally dazzling however.


Kevin said...

hmm....home before 10pm. You guys get food at least?

Jason Yu said...

Nope. More crunch and less eat.

Alan said...

unless of course, that crunch is a Nestle CRUNCH bar!

Jason Yu said...

Haha, good one Alan =)

Anyways have a Merry Christmas everyone =)

Alan said...

You too sir! :)

Ambrose said...

Happy Birthday Jason!

All I remember it's sometime in January, heh. So middle of the month or so is a good time to say this, muhahaha.

Jason Yu said...

Thanks! Happy belated birthday to you too!! =) And Jia and Ray soon I think?