Addition to coin collection

I haven't been up to much lately. I did buy an expensive coin, the 2000 Library of Congress Bimetallic Ten Dollar. Its composition is 1/4 oz Au, 1/4 oz Pt. Here's a scan.

I started playing Utopia, or rather, nostalgia. The last time I played was Grade 10. I doubt anyone from back then (Paul, Roddy) is playing, but if you are, say hello or attack me. :P I'm on Legends 28:39; my place will be easy to figure out.

Then there's work. Work is interesting: I'm applying some theorems and skills I acquired in Graph Theory and CS241. And my coworkers like it. They like software that's better than the open-source alternatives. They like proofs of upper-bound running times and novel approaches to old problems. Work is great! Some things I'm doing may be good grad school material.

Oh, and I've been dreaming a lot. Long, coherent, narrative, sometimes poetic dreams in vivid technicolour. Like Kevin dreams. I wonder why... :P


Alan said...

Those are some pretty cool looking coins sir. I like how they look like reverse Twoonies. How much were they?

And what the? You're actually using stuff you learned from Math 239 and CS 241? Lol...I don't really remember anything from 241 except some of the theory behind grammars and parsers and DFA's,and then some scheme and mips syntax. Graph theory I remember a lot more, since I took CO 342 last term, thus I'm interested to know how you're actually applying graph theory concepts in real world problems. I'm glad that work has gotten so much better for you sir, and I hope you enjoy your last 3 months there. I hope I can find a job as rewarding as yours when I grad after the summer. :P

Jason Yu said...

The coin was about $750. Just to clarify, I bought just one coin... ;)

Yeah, it's great when concepts start to 'click' in your head, when stuff from different courses meld together into a useable idea. I hope you find a great job after graduation too! Btw, are you sticking with your Honours program?

Kevin said...

Lol. I now have a classification of dreams named to me. That's cool!

That's one expensive coin. Are you sure that money couldn't have been spent on "better" stuff, like new computer hardware or stuff like that while you're in Japan? =P

Heh, one of my friends just said my dreams were "whack". Oh well. They are interesting to watch especially when you're dreaming. I've written some more on my blog.

Bao said...

Wow... $750. That's... a lot of money. Or maybe 10 days worth of pay. It seems you're quite serious with this coin collection :)

Alan said...

Oh right, yeah, I should've noticed that you wrote "coin" -> singular in your post. Heh, guess I got distracted by the pretty picture of what appeared to be two coins.

And yeah, I'm trying to stick with my honours program. It's not looking that good though...I have three midterms on the same day coming up soon, and two of them are STAT courses, which I need to do well in both. :P I imagine that I'll probably have some frustrating decisions to make ahead...like, if I was able to, would I stay another extra term after this summer to get a Math Sci degree?

Ambrose said...

Depends on who you are.

$750 is like a blink of an eye for Bill Gates, heh.

Also, depending on how much living expenses are and such, $750 of disposable income isn't a small amount.

Just think of how many months of WoW you can buy w/ that =p (@ $20/mth you can buy over 3 years of play time!)

Jason Yu said...

Well I sorta implied the average pay for us -- someone around our age -- is around that amount (not Bill Gates :P)

Yeah.. it's not a small amount. Save, save, save, that's the key.

Anyhoo. Alan, coins have two faces! =)