I was reluctant to put disturbing pictures of my sunburn on this blog, but now I've decided that I should, since it's part of my experiences here (not a pleasant one at all, I can assure you)..

So here they are, enjoy! =P

(L) Watch saved my skin! (R) Peeling skin - eww! (Peeling it is a cool feeling though.. :P)

So what happens after being sunburned?
-about 3-4 hours after you've actually been sunburned, you will start to notice it
-pain starts 4 hours after being sunburned and is worst 2-3 days later
-if you've been burned badly, your skin will start to peel about 5 days later, however, by that time it doesn't hurt

It's not an experience I'd want to have again, but yet, it was great as a conversation opener. Here's a typical conversation, HK-47 style:
[exclamation] "Hey, look at this!"
[shock and mild disgust] "Eww! Doesn't that hurt?"
[assuring reply] "Not anymore."
[question] "Where and when?"
(long conversation ensues)

At the moment, skin peeling is nearly complete, so I expect to be fully healed in a few days.

On a less disgusting note, here are two pictures from yesterday's hill climbing trek. Very tiring it was.. some of the slopes were about 16.3 degrees from horizontal!

(L) Mountain pass. Drifty drifty! =P (R) Interesting irrigation system...


Ambrose said...

Sunburn, yummy.

I've never been sunburned before, you know, not too many console games outside of a house or thatch roof cottage or some sort of shelter.

Be careful of t3h s|{in c@n3zorzz!!!

Drfity indeed, reminds me of the luge track in Tremblant =p

Anonymous said...

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tcne3jhut15ggbb said...
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Jason Yu said...

Dear anonymous:
Why thank you! I'll check out that site you mentioned :)

Dear tcne3jhut15ggbb:
What wha - Eh?

Damn spam.