Expo 2005 Aichi

I'm going to take a one week vacation in September to go to the Expo in Aichi. My relatives here are visiting the Expo this week, and might go again with me and my parents in September.

The theme of this Universal Expo is basically "Harmony with Nature"; in Japanese it is 愛・地球博 (Love the Earth Expo). I hope it's fun!

I've been spoiling myself lately with expensive fruits - like grapes today - but I really should start making a monthly budget. I've already borrowed 40,000 yen from my aunt =P Payday is 4 days away! =D

As I'm typing this, I'm watching a fun Japanese show about women and their thoughts on the opposite sex. Just now, two warning signs of "bad" men were mentioned. They are:

Translation: "a man that brings his mother (to lunch, was the example) is no good"

Translation: "a man that believes in superstition is no good"

That's it for now!


Bao said...

hey, can you do me a favour? I'll remind you later in 10 months or so, but can you buy me some Aquarius? ;) I like that stuff. I miss it.

Ambrose said...


40k yen exchanges to about $450 Cdn (using Aug 19 rates). I hope you're either making lots of money or that 40k was to last you at least a couple weeks.

Didn't you say your company has cafe and you can eat all 3 meals there? What do you blow your money on?

Are you paying protection fees to the Yakuza? Is that it? 'Cause I'll come over and kick their asses.

Jason Yu said...

Aquarius? Okay, remind me in 10 months.

Protection fees?! Nay, the Yakuza are my friends! Like, we go out drinking on the Wednesday of the first week of every prime-numbered month dude.

Kagami said...

Heh, so the Yakuza bring you to nudie bars? Cause like...isn't that what Japanese guys do after work?... :P

How much are grapes in Japan anyway?

Alan said...

Why would a man bring his mother on a lunch date? At least, I'm assuming that it's a date, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Anyways, that's pretty weird if you bring your mom along with you to see your girlfriend, to say the least. I can see how that would be taken as 'no good'.

Jason Yu said...

Nah, no nudie bars here in farm country =P

Grapes typically go for around 800 to 1500 yen for about one pound. I think that's around 9 to 17 dollars.

Alan: Yeah, the things mentioned were quite obvious signs of 'no good' people. =P