Mizuho bank and cell phone!

Today I finally got my bank account with Mizuho! Woohoo... money!
I also picked up a cell phone for one yen (no contract) :D
It has a free TV service and a free interactive navigation/map service to help me when I'm hopelessly lost. I can also use it to find nearby restaurants and places of interest.

Two funny Engrish quotes from the company:

1. Especially, it is not. ←when trying to express 'nothing in particular' (Yoda-speak!)
2. ...now judgement failure... ←when trying to express 'cannot decide yet' (I pictured a robot breaking down when I heard this, hehee :P)


Ambrose said...

Oh, a great chance to show them your 'leet grammar skills and ownzor them all Jason, muahahahahahaha, I don't understand Japanese don't use English well at all, I meeen My Englrish is awesome!!!!!! to the maxzor, just like Kratos (you know, the guy from ToS, that's Tales of Symphonia) not Terms of Service; sheesh, English is sOOO easy to learn, stupid Japs, only Grood at video games =p

Jason Yu said...

...are you drunk Brose?

Kratos should be the mayor of Mizuho!

Ambrose said...

Drunk? not as drunk as you Mr. Go out and drink sake with my co-workers every night.

Jason Yu said...

Ah, that's good to know ;P

Anonymous said...

lol, Ambrose you're hilarious ^^

-- Silph