Yachting near Tokyo

I went yachting for a day with my uncles' high school classmates south of Yokohama, in Misaki.
Now I'm all red and hurting - yeoow, sunburn!! It was really fun though. There was this extremely humorous and cheerful pilot (he flies the Pokemon plane for JAL!) that kept saying weird things in English and French to me, which made me and everyone else laugh like crazy. For example, he would add "..in the bed" after nearly every sentence, like "Co-pilot, in da beddo". Other quotes include "I'm Michael Jackson - do you know Michael Jackson?", "Do you trust me?", and "Sil vous plait.", which were all overused but funny nonetheless.

We sailed quite a distance in the morning, about a third of the way to Ooshima. While I was at the helm, 2 or 3 yachts passed us - yeah, I suck =P. At lunchtime, we came back near the harbour, and we had 3 yachts all anchored side-by-side and started to barbeque. I swam in the ocean a bit too, but accidentally swallowed a bit of sea water. Boy, was it salty!

Hmm.. tommorow is the first day of work. 頑張ります! (ganbarimasu!) I hope this redness fades a bit by tommorow morning..


Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear about your new work, once you start! esp about how life is differnt in Japan, than it is here.

-- Silph

Ambrose said...

Yay yachting, that sounds fun!

Is it like rafting? I went rafting with my family on a fairly mild river up in Mont Tremblant. The scenery was very peaceful and quiet though.

I'm sure you'll do fine at your work, heh.

transcendent said...

Hey Jason!
Haven't visited your blog since... can't remember. Good luck in Japan!


transcendent said...

Oh, BTW. How long are you going to be in Japan? I might want to visit you next summer.

Jason Yu said...

Heya Wen! My contract ends July 20th next year. I have the option to end it early or extend it, though I haven't yet decided which to choose..