Earthquake brings pictures

A notable earthquake occured at 4:35 pm today! I was walking in the neighbourhood with my cousin when it happened. He was reading Azumanga manga, while I occasionally read some parts he showed to me.

My first sensation of the quake was of a rather peculiar sensation coming from my feet. It's hard to put into words, but it was as if I was walking on a gradually rotating high-pressure air mattress. The next sensation was a rattling noise mainly coming from garage doors. At that point, I asked my cousin, "Earthquake?" "Nope, it's the wind."

About 2 seconds passed since I first felt the quake.

After that, street poles and buildings started to sway slightly. My cousin though, was too engrossed in his manga so he never looked up. While the earthquake was still going on, we walked passed by an elderly man who was staring at the buildings around him and at us.

To me, the quake lasted about 6 seconds. It might be longer though. My aunt and uncle were in the house at the time and so the earthquake seemed to be more intense to them.

My cousin was supposed to go to Shanghai today, but due to a 3 hour or so shutdown of most train lines and the highway, we couldn't get to Narita airport in time. So, now he's staying at an airport hotel with my aunt and will leave today (the technical 'today' instead of the colloquial 'today' meaning 'the period of time starting when I awoke and ending when I sleep') at 3:00 pm.

The earthquake gave me something to post about and so now I'll get my lazy ass up and post some pictures! They weren't well taken but they show what it's like here. Okay, here goes!

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June, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and the household noisemaker. His eyes aren't supposed to be shiny like that in the picture. He looks and acts like he's really stupid, which makes him very adorable.

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A picture of my cousin sleeping, taken early in the morning while I was still in jet-lag mode =)

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The kitchen and dining room.

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Bath/shower temperature control. It's great not having to adjust the temperature manually, although it's somewhat a skill by now =P

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A painting by my cousin, Yoshikazu. He apparently didn't hand it in, so he got 2 (out of 5) in visual arts on his recent report card.

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Yoshikazu diligently doing homework while I ninja him - Muwahahaha!

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Getting ready to go to the airport, after the quake.

I'll post some pictures of my 2003 stay in Japan soon. Also, I'll take pictures of where I'll really be staying once I move in on the 26th, though I don't know when I can post them by (gotta get internet there). sleeeeepy...


Bao said...

ooh, Jason's posting pictures of Japan... now I have to combat you by posting my own pictures of Japan! Bwahahaha.. but first I have to do Hong Kong... gotta stop being lazy too...

Ambrose said...

Mmmmm...look at all that homework!

I remember when I was in grade 7, it was wake up, eat breakfast, go to school, come home, watch TV, play Starcraft or consoles, dinner, more TV, sleep.

It was good that the earthquake was not severe.

Jason Yu said...

Oooh, pictures of Hong Kong? Cool!