First week in Japan

I haven't got around to blogging lately, sorry! Internet access has been a problem, but I have a temporary solution: leeching off nearby wireless networks! Wheee. So, 6 days until I move into my real apartment; I know the address now. It's 3-18-4 Higashi Hirayama, Hino-shi, Tokyo-to, Japan.

In 3 weeks or so, I'll receive a landing card and will get a bank account. That means in 3 weeks I can also get a cell phone and an internet subscription!

So, what's been up these days? Hmm..

I've been helping my cousin prepare for some kind of English recital competition they have annually between 30 private schools in Tokyo. It's a 7-line prose piece about the Mona Lisa. That and his English homework, which takes him like 3 hours to do. I help him with math too, although his school doesn't seem to give much math homework.

We also watched Azumanga together and he seems to like it :) I also watch a lot of TV, especially the volleyball competition last week.

It's pretty hot here, about 31 degrees Celsius, but the sun isn't as strong as it is in Canada.

Lately, I've been checking up on the American Solar Challenge.

That's about it. I'll put some photos up soon.


Ambrose said...


They don't teach much math in Japan? Hm, that's a bit surprising.

Which grade is your cousin in?

Maybe they do all the reading/writing/history/ethics etc stuff first before the sciences.

Jason Yu said...

Second! :)

He's in 中1, or grade 7 over here in Canada. His school's specialty is English so that's probably why he doesn't have much math homework. The math he's doing now is similar to grade 8 or 9 math in Canada.

Alan said...


Interesting...so you say your cousin's school's specialty is English? That's cool. Gives more support for my claim that English should probably be the world's universal language, heh.