Finally, Japan has the COE!

Just 16 hours ago I received this message from Epson in Japan:

Dear Mr. Wen Yuan Yu

This is to inform you that we have received your Certificate of Eligibility
(COE) from the Japanese Ministry of Justice.
Before sending the COE, could you please confirm your mailing address ?

As well, could you please provide us with your phone number ?

And also I would like to know which day you will arrive in Japan and also
start to work.
As to the day which you start to work for our company, please choose one day
on either 1st or 22st of August.


Chiemi M.
Software Engineering Planning Department
M. Chiemi

1 comment:

Alan said...

Cool, 2.5 updates since I last checked! But, hmmm...this letter is interesting. First he says that he's received the COE, but then he says that he wants you to confirm your mailing address before...oh wait, I get it now.

And, so you get to choose to start work on the 1st or 22nd of August, but you're goign to Japan in July?
So if you choose the 22nd, does that mean you'll have massive free time?

Anyways, glad to hear that your application process is finally moving along. :)