Guild Wars PvP screenshots

So far I've mostly played in the random grouping PvP arenas. I've come to like the lower level PvP battles more.. it's more exciting somehow =P. Trouble is, you'll often be grouped with very low level people, like a level 4 in Ascalon Arena (which is 1-10.. but you should be at least 7 or 8). Those teams don't last long (once your team loses it is disbanded).

It takes a while sometimes to be placed in a great group, but when it does it's great :).

It's 2:30am and I can't sleep, so here's some pics taken in some of the Arenas. I don't want to lose a battle and screw over a good team so I don't take shots in the middle of battle (it freezes my laptop for like 2-3 seconds).

Other random screenshots will be here too. I think I'll use imageshack.us for posting pics of Japan too.


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First off, a very cool mob! Go Kratos! (He pwned me good but the party recovered)

Tomb of the Primeval Kings Missions:
(International, 8 players, goes to Hall of Heroes)

This arena is the toughest to win in. Some of the missions there have 6 teams from all over the world competing, and with 48 people it gets hectic real fast.

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6 team all-out competition!

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King of the Hill style match with 3 teams.

Competitive Missions:
(Random grouping, 4 players)

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3 on 4 battles are very hard but sometimes are doable..

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R/Me versus casters.. it's amazing. Especially when people don't see "Backfire" and cast themselves to death.

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This was a very good team, probably the best so far. It's funny when people run from warriors while they're still bleeding.. you just chase them, chase them (maybe pull their monk away from the rest of their group) and they inevitably die.

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I actually joined in the middle (same with Scraper), but Stalvys and Huck got to 50 consecutive wins on this great run. We parted ways amiably. This was about 10 minutes ago =)


Well, enough of my PvP adventures. Here are some fun farming pics. I don't farm anymore, but it was great for a while. 19 hp farmzor monk!
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And a prayer to providence (hey, I'm a monk!)
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Well that's all. Now I'm sleepy..


Alan said...

Oooh, nice shots sir. Makes me kinda wish I could join you in Guild Wars right now. But alas, I'm going to start volunteering soon, and my parents wouldn't be happy if I suddenly picked up another MMO. (They already hated how I used to plat WoW so much, and even the fact that I played WoW at all.) But perhaps I can convince them with something, or if not, when I get back to school, if my schedule isn't that beast, then I could see myself picking up the game for a while.

Jason Yu said...

Yeah, it's not really an MMO though. It's like something you do when you're bored, like I am now =P. It's not a time-sink or anything.. people that work can still play (like Ambrose and Ray). Anyways, have fun and take care this summer!