Going to Tokyo in July (yes, July)

Yeah, the Certificate of Eligibility and visa application process takes a while, so it looks like I'll be going sometime in July. Ah well, time to find something to do for another month!

Well at least I'm learning lots of Japanese before I go. I've got about 1000 Kanji down now (up from 500 in May) and sufficient grammar and vocabulary for JLPT level 2. I'll try for level 1 in December but I don't know if I'm gonna pass that =P. Time to learn another 1000 Kanji for level 1! >.<

On a side note I got into an awesome PvP group today. We had some rough times when a member left but we managed to win 3 vs 4 twice in a row! The game then provided for us another random person (he was pretty good too) and we managed to get famous in that place, the "Competitive Arenas". That's because we played so much that we faced the same opponents many, many times =D.

The thing that kills other teams a lot is when all 4 of their players go out of their way to kill me. I put on Protective Spirit (max dmg. taken is 10% of health) and a 9 arrow Healing Breeze and live. This basically means all their offensive power is being wasted. One group managed to learn and equipped some enchantment removals so that game was close (I died twice but our team managed to win). Finally, three of us had to go eat dinner and so we parted ways, everyone showering compliments. Best PvP team I've had so far. The team was comprised of a N/Me, a W/Mo, a R/E, and a Mo/Me (me).

I think I'll be updating this blog frequently while I'm in Japan. I need someplace to upload pictures to though.. I'll be searching for a free hosting site or something I guess. I'll probably end up using Imageshack.

Updated: Changed "June" to "July". Added stuff about my learning Japanese and some Guild Wars PvP info.


Bao said...

there's always the popular imagestation or photobucket or whatever, or I can host some pictures. It's not as convenient as finding your own site, but I can do it nonetheless.

Bao said...

guess what kind of coffee I'm drinking right now ^^

Jason Yu said...

Boss? Itsumo soba ni ite ne? =P