Bao got an Xbox! He's also infinitely broke! :P Check out his blog for more info, hehe. I've tried Burnout 3, Battlegrounds, and Halo. Halo is just like the PC version, but with co-op play. Maybe co-op is worth the extra $45 :P.

So yeah... with midterms looming, I'm trying out Xbox games! w00t!

Also, I'm beginning to question whether the place I'm renting is worth the money. After all, I spend almost all my time elsewhere, only using my room as a place to sleep. Maybe I should *make* it worth the money by actually living there, instead of somewhere else :P

Hehehe :P :P :P.

Yeah, it's too late at night; I'm practically insane. Time to logoff...


Alan said...

"Defiant Elf. Giant Growth. Giant Growth. Giant Growth."


Haha...the Xbox for me, was cool just to be able to see some cool Battlegrounds games. I still dunno if it was worth it for Bao though...

"Gratuitous Violence"-"Spelljack"
"Gratuitous Violence"


Jason Yu said...

Yup, we should dl the new cards and stuff from the Xbox Live! trial.

"Claster sampling!" - Wu, Chengbao :P

Alan said...

Oh no! We still haven't tried any of them new cards from Xbox live yet. Hmm...I guess they can wait until after our midterms or something...heh. Although I do really wanna try and abuse Time Stretch...

"For a simple kind of sample, sometimes you might just take a sensor."
"I will give you an ideal about how that would happen."
-Wu Changbao, Stats prof.

Jason Yu said...

LOL, I think Mr. Wu is a well-defined function. Observe:

Wu Changbao( hypothesis ) = hypoxes
Wu Changbao( idea ) = ideal
Wu Changbao( cluster ) = claster
... etc.
One-to-one and onto isn't it? :P
His accent is weird but I must admit that he's a pretty good prof :D

Alan said...


wow sir, you really can make me laugh sometimes