Champions of Kamigawa Drafts

I played two drafts of Champions of Kamigawa (CHK) recently. I think CHK is a set with great mechanics! Of the two drafts, I would say the first was the most fun since all the cards were new to me (but not to others... you know who you are :P). The second draft was today and was pretty fun too. I opened three 'bombs': Kokusho, the Evening Star, Yosei, the Morning Star, and Kodama of the North Tree.

Cool points:
-I made a deck that highly resembled Alan's Samurai deck, and he made a deck that was a lot like my deck from the first draft.
-Isamaru is now known as "East Side Mario's" :D
-Keiga the Tide Star likes to eat removal (usually from its controller!), so that he can gain control of a creature =P

-Thief of Hope is way too powerful within the block. Basically for every spell (you can make it that way) you cast you gain 1 life and your opponent loses 1 -- for each Thief you control! Is it the new Wild Mongrel?
-Glacial Ray is also too good :)
-Myojins don't seem to do much, but Dragon Spirits own!

Now, Alan and I are thinking of combining our cards to make an ultra-Red/Black and an ultra-Samurai deck.


Bao said...

yeah! drafting is cool. I'm going to buy some commons next week (those common packs) and then I'll try out some new red deck... I'll be buying a lot of green common packs because green's mana acceleration is just soo good...

And then I gotta buy more boosters too ;)

Alan said...

Yeah...go Dragons and CHK! Too bad I couldn't get any of them...but oh well...heh

I wonder if we could actually get to play team sealed one day...