Rage Against the (Vending) Machine

Today, after studying some CS241 with Alan, I went to buy some drinks from the nearby vending machines. I bought my apple juice for $1.75, which is normal... and then I went to buy Coke for Alan. So, I start inserting the coins... quarter, quarter, quarter -- then the machine got jammed!

I go back to Alan to tell him about his misfortune, and we end up going back to the vending machines. I tell him that it's jammed, but Alan, being a tad stubborn, wants to insert another quarter (a special one called "Wisdom").

Jason: "I wouldn't recommmend wasting another 25 cents Alan."

Alan: "Just let me try it."

Jason: "Okay then."

Alan: "Here goes Wisdom!"

*Machine eats the coin*

Jason: "Told you!"

Alan: "Oh no. Damn vending machine."

I decide to head back to studying. Apparently, Alan then decides to spend $1.25 on a can instead of $1.75 on a bottle. So, he goes to the adjacent can vending machine and tries it. After 75 cents, it also became jammed. Alan puts in a penny in an attempt to unclog it, and it worked! He inserts another quarter, and the machine jams again!

Alan then goes to another bottle vending machine and spends $1.75 on a Coke bottle. He comes back and tells me about the can vending machine and his bottle. Alan paid $4.20 for his Coke!

This reminds me of when I got screwed over by vending machines in high school:

*Jason deposits $2 into the vending machine*
*nothing happens*
*15 minutes later -- a girl walks by and buys a pop from the same machine*
*Jason decides that the machine now works*
*Alan and Raymond advise Jason that it's not worth it*
*being stubborn, Jason deposits another $2 into the vending machine*
*nothing happens*
*Jason feels rejected for the rest of the day*

Conclusion: Vending machines should be more reliable!


Bao said...

that's pretty crazy. Each time I use a vending machine, it seems to work. I like the ones with chips. They work. The ones with bottles which you can't see... those are a bit anxiety-inducing, since you can't see if it's coming out or not. It just buzzes for a few seconds, and then something drops. But it usually takes a bit longer.

That's a lot of money for a coke. Then again, I hear stuff costs money in London too.

Alan said...

I know...failage...I could've got a Big Juicy with that money! :(

D'oh...oh well, I wonder if anyone else got ninjaed by that machine after us...hehe.

Silph said...

*chuckles out loud* ^_^ Poor guys!

Jason Yu said...

Hey! How's it going for you? I read some of your card ideas :D Next time, send them to me as well? I made some as well :)

The Terminator said...

I went to school with Alan. Did he ever tell you about the "apple core"? Come chat with me, DETAILS!

- Ted "The Terminator"

Alan said...

Sorry, who are you again?

Ambrose said...

Is he Josh Harnett?

Jason Yu said...

What? Who? From where?

Anonymous said...

jason, i just remembered you had a blog. i read this and laughed--you are funny. i don't know if you will come back to this, but i think you should :)

miss you,

Anonymous said...

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