Procrastination period is officially over

For the last three weeks I've been pretty much slacking-off, and now I have to start getting my act together. Procrastination is never a wise thing to do - it's always the worst choice - yet many people, including myself, do it all the time. I wonder why...

Anyway, some things I must do soon:

-work report (67% finished)
-housing for Fall and Winter terms (pretty much finalized)
-switching streams (have to talk to the school about it)
-choosing a major (narrowed down to 3 subjects)
-prepare for the JLPT and another work term in Japan (I guess I'll start in September)

On a side note, today I attended a sermon given by an Inuit pastor from Nunavut. He sang a couple of songs in his native language (I wonder what it's called) and made people fall down after he prayed for them. (I wonder about that too...) Anyways, there's no real point to this post other than to remind everyone that procrastination isn't the way to go. (But sometimes it is! hehehe :P)

Oh, and Canada got her first GOLD medal today! (in Men's Artistic Gymnastics, if I remember correctly) And, the Midnight Sun is somewhere in California now, having completed more than 5500 km. :D


Alan said...

"and made people fall down after he prayed for them."

LOL...that line reminded me of one time this guest speaker came to speak atmy church, and he had a sort of funny accent, so when he was praying, part of it sounded like "may the word of the Lord blast you" instead of "bless you".

and yeah, I always procrastinate too...d'oh! Hope you get all your stuff done soon!

Bao said...

procrastinating is fun! That's why we do it! :)

Bao said...

how's the work report coming along? or have you been procrastinating? You missed a fun weekend here due to your work report, so you better be at least almost done! ;)

Jason Yu said...

Hehe, I'm almost done :) My work report is an analysis of input systems used for Japanese. I spent like 2 hours just counting and tallying up the stroke counts for various Japanese newspaper articles. Phew!