An end to another term

The summer term's over... *sob*. Before I get all emotional, I just want to say that it was a great term at Roxio (though it's going to be Sonic soon) working along with Andrew, Dash, and Luc. They've finished their work terms already, but I still have 2 more weeks -- it buys me enough time to finish my report before I head back to Waterloo :P

The company farewall party was held on Friday 27th at Frankie Tomatto's, a famous Italian buffet restaurant with a remarkably renovated interior that really gives the feel of being in Italy. The floor was pretty slippery though. And the line-up for pasta was really REALLY long. Anyways, after lunch, us four co-ops played our last game of pool, foosball, and Starcraft... *sniffle*.

What was funny was that on the ride back to Roxio from the buffet, while talking about gas-guzzling SUVs, John (the supervisor of Luc and Dash) mistakenly said "SCV" instead. The big QA boss, Anat, was like "Huh? SCV? What's that?" to which John quickly covered by saying "Uh...yeah, it's a John and co-op student thing... yup..." :D We couldn't really contain our laughter... (Of course we don't play games during work, what are you talking about? :P)

Today, as I sit here typing up this entry, a new batch of co-ops from Waterloo have arrived. I've being putting off chatting with them - I still like our old group better :P

Oh yeah, the Midnight Sun's in Texas now, almost at the 9000 km mark (still very behind though, since they're 8900/19300 km and 24/40 days). Adam van Koeverden from McMaster University got 2 medals - a gold and a bronze in kayaking - but I'm sure anyone following the Olympics knows that already :D. The world record-tying win by Xiang Liu in the 110-metre hurdles was also pretty significant -- it marks the first win by an Asian athlete in sprint athletics.


Kagami said...

Funny you should mention Xiang Liu. The Toronto Star recently compared China's anticipated performance in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijeng to that of a "colossus that cannot be stopped", claiming they expect China to get up to 40 medals more than they did this year. Of course, I think they were probably exaggerating, but meh.


Bao said...

I haven't played Starcraft in a while, I'd get back into it if I had some friends to play with :)

We should go to more pasta restaurants... I like pasta :) More buffet restaurants would be good too...

Jason Yu said...

Yeah, they probably were exaggerating -- it's what the media does for a living :P But still, go China! Add gas! LOL :P

CBC was talking about how Team Canada was preparing to win over 100 medals in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. Seems a bit unrealistic, but we can still hope, hehe :P

Pasta is always nice :) Buffets too, until your stomach starts hurting, that is :D

Kagami said...

Hahaha, yeah, but it's not just Winter 2010. Canada tries to win 100 medals every year. It just doesn't happen. =)

Alan said...

Yay Pasta! and yay buffets! Two of my most favourite food thingers...hehe. And also yay for work term report almost being completed. Hope to see you at leasst once in Mississauga before school starts again and I have to face 239 again.

Jason Yu said...

Yeah, Canada tries to do a lot of things, hehe :O

Is there a party at Bao's? We can meet there and have a smash before school begins again :) I'll help you with 239 but I don't know how much help I can be, since you took the course already :P It shouldn't be that hard for you now anyways because you only have to focus on the first half of the course :D