Disparity in higher education?

UW's Daily Bulletin (Monday, August 9th) featured an article with an intriguing snippet by President Johnston:

"The gap between the U.S. and the rest of the world in the quality and accessibility to universities and investment in post secondary education and research grows. It was interesting that no leading U.S. university attended this conference -- though the leading UK, Australian, Chinese, HK and Canadian ones did. The U.S. is in a league and a mindset of its own. Truly, there is a new Rome and that is a pity for global higher education and research."

If this is true, -- and I don't doubt it -- what implications does it have for us? Are we bound to head south for graduate studies?


luc said...

Well, I am staying in Canada for as logn as I can. The US will haev to takeover Canada for me to move down. Actually, i'll move to France if that happens :)

Alan said...

But then what if they take over France too? I mean, they could probably do that with all the firepower they have right now if they wanted to...lol