The Mandelbrot set

I'm doing a project on this flamboyant set for PMATH 370. It's interesting and yields eye candy when the numbers are crunched. I'll put up a link to my project website once it's done! Update: here it is!

So it's 11:10 pm now. Alan comes in and says "I will take a shower sir." I counter with "see you tomorrow!"


Theomnifish said...

Whoa...a website eh? I thought you were also going to do an essay like thing. I dunno, I could maybe try to program something, but since I haven't done much programming in a long time, I think I'd probably have an easier time just writing. I figure since we don't have much time kinda, it'd be a good option. Too bad we can't just use our old programs from OAC comp sci. :P

Silph said...

I challenge your flamboyant PMATH 370 set... we shall see who yields the nicest eye candy at the end of the day!

*game face is now on*

Theomnifish said...

lol...have you gotten anywhere on your flamboyant set, Silph? I dunno, our OAC programs didn't really look that bad either. And hey, that was a randomly added anecdote. It's funny, even though I've used morning/night joke so many times, it still hasn't really gotten old yet.

Silph said...

Soon you can be saying the old "I haven't seen you since last year!!" joke :-)

Theomnifish said...


And oh...I can finally see the Java applet Mandelbrotage! yay!