Choice is a great thing to have. The liberty to make decisions is often taken for granted in our society. Yet choice can also be as a burden, a pressure on one's shoulders. When I'm presented with difficult choices, like most people I tend to weigh the pros and cons of each choice:

So the game today is Pick Your Ideal Law School, and on the table I have two great universities from Canada and the HYSCCN clique from the south. I haven't been accepted to many places yet so I'm being a little preemptive. Oh well.

Pro: reputation, Bay St. placements, faculty
Con: weather, "competitiveness"

Pro: location, curriculum, and there's a rez with tatami flooring
Con: it's far away, biglaw placement

Pro: reputation, students, faculty, NY placements
Con: lots of US history (this goes for all US schools though), cost (this too)

Pro: reputation, reputation, faculty, students
Con: low chance of getting in, cost

Pro: campus, students
Con: cost

Pro: NY placements
Con: cost

Pro: don't know much about Chicago actually

Pro: New York
Con: New York

This goes to show I have much research to do before I can start deciding.


Alan said...

Whoa, that's weird, I somehow managed to read this like just when it was posted...somehow, unless the timestamp is wrong. :P Anyways, I think you should perhaps wait a bit and see exactly what you get when you're accepted first, heh. And it's funny how something can be both a pro and a con.

Oh, and you forgot to put, "awesome school cheer and mascot" under pros for Yale. :P

Jason Yu said...

Oh, right! Bulldogs, Bulldogs, Eli Yale!

Ambrose said...

So we don't factor in as pros for U of T?

Why'd you have to be this way Jason? =p

Are you getting any scholarships for these places? Those could factor in heavily, grad school of any kind is pricey...