Things to do before I leave

I'm compiling a list of things I should do before I leave. Suggestions are welcome. Here's what I've got so far.
  • visit Mt. Haruna (Akina) of Initial D fame
  • write a FAQ for a recently released Japanese game
  • buy a pack of Japanese Magic cards
  • buy a bottle of Aquarius
  • buy some peanut butter


Anonymous said...

Can you buy me some Japanese peanut butter?

-- Silph

Jason Yu said...

k I'll add that to the list ;)

Ambrose said...

- join Yakuza
- why visit Haruna when you can drift on it?
- build a death machine
- fight and catch Godzilla
- combine Godzilla and death machine into an ultra metal Godzilla machine of death and destruction and watermelons
- take over the world with said Godzilla machine of death and destruction and weatermelons
- with the world at your calling, order banks to give us money, better yet give me money

Kagami said...

LOL Ambrose...

I'll suggest the following:

-Sample Kobe meat
-Attempt the Toyko University entrance exam
-Buy Playstation 5 and/or Final Fantasy 18

And I also agree with "join Yakuza" haha...

Kagami said...

Heh, found this when I did a search in Google:

"The good news is that Kobe is both higher in marbling and lower in saturated fat than any other beef...Kobe beef regularly grades 9 or more for marbling on the Japanese grading chart, while USDA Prime, the very best American beef, grades between 4 and 5."

Go North America. :P I think the stuff I get here on campus is probably a 0.2...with 0.1 being decomposed camel.

Jason Yu said...

LOL Ray, "decomposed camel", heh :P

Actually I've tried Kobe beef, though only a couple times at restaurants (my aunt footed the bills :P) I've also tried making steak myself with the slightly lower quality Kobe issued at supermarkets -- they go for about $15/100g -- when it's on sale. It's generally not worth it, since it'll come to be $20 for something not half as good as the ~$30 steak of awesomeness at steakhouses.

One perhaps unsurprising downside to well-marbled beef is that the fat content is sky high. Kobe beef really does "melt" in your mouth. Consuming these all the time is not recommended. =P

> why visit Haruna when you can drift on it?
Good point. I'll look into it.
> (all the other suggestions>)
No comment. :P

Anonymous said...

It'll be really strange when I see you again, for the past year I've associated the word "Japan" with "Jason". When is it you'll be coming back again? It'd be nice to get together sometime, when you *are* here! (and to collect my peanut butter :-P Thanks for that, btw! ^_^)

-- Silph

Alan said...

Is there anything special about Japanese peanut butter sir?

Oh, a preemptive thanks for the Magic cards, btw!

Bao said...

If I remember correctly, Peanut Butter... is different. I don't think I had it, but I remember hearing something about it. Maybe it was banned? Or maybe that was another city somewhere...

Annyway, we should have a big Jason party after he comes back.

Jason Yu said...

Yeah!! Oh and congratulations on your Xbox 360 get-to!