Japan pics from 2003

Here are nine select pics from my previous stay in Japan. Photos of Kyoto will come soon in a separate post :)

Let the pics form a 3x3 matrix:
(1,1) athletics festival at a primary school, Kanamachi, Tokyo
(1,2) precipice, Enoshima, Kamakura
(1,3) misty ravine, Okutama, Tokyo
(2,1) fishing lodge, Okutama
(2,2) view of harbor, Enoshima
(2,3) sunset, Enoshima
(3,1) precarious crossing in storm, Okutama (flooding claimed two lives that day)
(3,2) costume party, Harajuku, Tokyo
(3,3) preparing sushi rice, Mejiro, Tokyo


transcendent said...

Why don't you ever put anything in the "pic of the day" spot?

Jason Yu said...

"Pic of the day" is actually my profile pic =P

Alan said...

hmmm...interesting pics sir!

Oh, and speaking of stuff that you can bring back from last post, do you think you could be able to bring back some Japanese Magic cards from Ravnica/Guildpact? Any Japanese cards would be actually be cool, but I think that the gold ones would look best though.

Jason Yu said...

Sure! I'll bring a couple packs. Be sure to remind me though on my last few posts I make while in Japan. ;)