I've delved a bit into coin collecting recently. I'm not yet well read on numismatics, but here's a description of my collection so far:
  • 1/20 oz. Gold Maple Leaf (I forgot the year -- I bought it at the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa a few years ago)
  • 3x 1 oz. Gold Maple Leaf dated 2004
  • 1 oz. Silver Maple Leaf dated 1989
  • Tri-metallic (Au/Ag/Pt) 1 oz. coin from the Pobjoy Mint (mintage 999)
Gold and Silver Maple Leafs.
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The Au/Ag/Pt coin -- this one's my favourite. =)


Kagami said...

Hehe, that's cool. I also have a currency collection of sorts. :) The more rare stuff I have include several CDN $1 bills, a few silver half-dollars, and a few dozen other coins and bills dating back to the 1920s.

I also have a set of all the currencies from every country that now use the Euro. I think it's every country anyway...at least all the important ones. :P

The only thing I've purchased for my collection was a sterling silver dollar that commemorated the 100th aniversary of Canada or something. Got that at the RC Mint a long time ago...10 years?! Man, we're getting old. :D

Jason Yu said...

Yeah, we are ;).

Nice collection by the way.. I still have to get a few more items.