Who orders steaks well-done?

Whee, this post was supposed to be on a totally unrelated topic, using "who orders steaks well-done?" only as a rhetorical question to stress the main point.

I was too tired to post last night so I only put the title up. But eh, this turned out okay too, interesting :P

What's more interesting is that I forgot what the real topic is. Hopefully it'll come back to me. =P


Anonymous said...
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Ambrose said...

I order medium or so.

My grandpa used to order them well done.

Alan said...

I don't remember ever eating with someone who orders them well-done. Though I know that such people must exist.

Oh, and it sounds like that this anonymous poster deserves to be attacked by a Phytohydra. Especially if I have lots of Mountains and a Furnace of Rath in play. And a Searing Wind in my hand.

Jason Yu said...

I like medium rare or medium. How about you Alan?

And what does Phytohydra do?

Bao said...

I opened Phytohydra in a booster during the draft, and I was like... OOHHHHH... must take... and thus I did. Here, check it out:


Jason Yu said...

The third installation of Ravnica comes out spring 2006 right?

I'm looking forward to drafting Ravnica :)

Duy said...

The third set of Ravnica will come out in June.

Alan said...

Yup, probably early June, based on the release dates of Saviors and Fifth Dawn.

I agree, I already can't wait for the second set, and Ravnica just came out like a week ago. It is truly an amazing set. Flavour and function mesh so well together. Like in Phytohydra even, (wow, we've been talking about this card a lot recently, on this, Bao's, and my blog). And also in this rather funny card:


I opened this card in my Ravnica starter during the draft, and thought that although it could be strong if it had a deck based around it, it wasn't usuable in draft. And so I just quickly forgot about it.
The second time I read it, however, it made me giggle. (Like Duy giggled in that game with Akroma and Phytohydra, heh) Can you guys see why it's funny?

Bao said...

... no, I don't see what's so funny, except the flavourtext is almost redundant.

Bao said...

anyway, I'm using it now in my type 2 boros deck. I used the purification once, it certainly helped although I was going to win anyway.. not much that beats Hunted Dragon, Kitsune Blademaster, and Nagao, Bound by Honor :P

Jason Yu said...

Lol, the flavour text on that purification card is pretty redundant :P