Le comte de Monte Cristo

I started reading this as of late. It made me remember a thought I had when I was little:

Wouldn't it be mutually beneficial and convenient -- not to mention cool -- if we as good friends hold positions of esteem in the future?

Now, if you've seen Gankutsuou you'd probably realize what I'm blabbering about. My version isn't nearly as romantic as the one played out in Alexandre Dumas' magnum opus: it's pragmatic and doesn't require ardous effort for its realization*.

Basically what I mean is that it would be great to have at least a doctor, a lawyer, and then other professions too numerous to list, that are all of utility, in our circle of friends. There are some determined among us who already aspire to become one of the aforementioned, hence this 'idea' doesn't change anything. But --

*It's nearing a time when we should be looking at the horizon, wondering which career we should pursue. I'm sure that even without this assertion, we'd eventually find our place in this world; this merely is an attempt to put it into words, partly with the hope of stirring up motivation in some of the lazy asses we have in our circle (myself included =P). Being far from eloquent and rather officious, I would appreciate it if anyone can rethink, rephrase or improve upon this fledgling thought.

Questions, comments, suggestions?


Bao said...

hmm, that's an interesting idea. I'll be the guy... who spends all his time in a room for a few years and then I'll become ultra rich and get my revenge on all you others... ... maybe not.

Yeah, but that would be a good idea, if it was feasible, heh.

Rick said...

Well Jason, so far in our circle Wen and I will be the engineers of the group. And since I'm going to be specializing in the biomedical stream of electrical engineering, I might be the only one of us who will have cross disciplinary skills.

Ray, put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Who agrees that pursuing a career in the R&D of biomimetics is a good idea?

BTW, biomimetics is a branch of EE were devices are designed to supplement/replace dysfunctional biological systems.

Ambrose said...

Hm, let's see, going by the village people:

Policeman - need one of these, gotta have someone who won't write you parking tickets

Construction worker - useful for when you need to build a house, getting stuff fixed around the house

GI Joe - for when the terrorists attack

Cowboy - for when cows...attack?!

Biker - for times when you need to have some dirty work done, and then your cop friend will conveniently "misplace" evidence

Cheiftan - tax advantage, drugs and alcohol, how can you lose?

Yeah that about covers it. So, um, you guys divvy those jobs up, k?

Jason Yu said...

A village in the middle ages, yet set in the wild west, and with modern bike technology? Awesome.

Lol Bao.. you're not supposed to be like that vengence-seeking protagonist in The Count of Monte Cristo, you're supposed to be one of those powerful badasses in the Paris clique.

Engineers huh.. we're still missing a lawyer. Engineers would have synergy with patent lawyers. =P

And yeah, I don't know what I'll be yet. Bleh. A mathematician wouldn't be very helpful would it? Of course, we shouldn't base our career decisions on which job we 'should' do in order to help the whole...

Bao said...

so we need people high in society to do favours for others... interesting..

but being the Count is so cool. I love how in the movie Count of Montecristo the count is the protagonist, but in Gankutsuou they twist it and the Count is the bad guy...

Kagami said...

LOL Choy! Your posts of late remind me of Family Guy randomness. :D

I hate to take away from your "uniqueness" Ricky, but Jia, Rama, and myself are all cross-disciplinary engineers. Jia and Rama are taking the Elec. Engineering + Management degree, so they have formally integrated commerce components in their program. I'm in a bioengineering & chemical engineering joint degree, so my courses are mostly (~95%) in bioengineering, chemical engineering, and life/health sciences.

I've considered law, medicine, and finance (CFA), as post-grad options, but at the moment, it looks like option #3's going to be it. I'll probably still apply to the first two, so who knows... ^^

Or maybe I'll do all three and be a 4-in-1. :P I'll just be in school till I'm 40. Then I can be like GTO and have a wife who's 20 when I'm 40! AHAHAHAHAHA.... :P

P.S. I'm not sure what your intentions were when you took a jab at me Ricky, so I won't flame/smoke it just yet. But since you were so nice as to leave an invitation, please clarify your point and maybe I will. :)

Kagami said...

Yup, this post got me thinking/reflecting again, so I made a similar post on my own blog. Go hijacking. :P

Ambrose said...

GTO's "offer" was a 14 year old wife when he was 24. Not 20 year difference =p

Heh, if you stay in school that long why not be a prof instead and take the GTO road of always looking at younger girls, ha ha ha.

Jason Yu said...

I think when you get older the 'age difference' shrinks. Basically it should resemble a ratio rather than a simple difference. 40/20 is similar to 24/14. Obviously 20/10 is not the same as 35/25. Anyway, hypothetical and irrelevant.. :P

Rick said...

Jason, mathematicians are extremely useful! They do all the mathematical grunt work that engineers don't want to mess around with. Unfortunately, we still have to understand (partially) what all the math does especially when we have to do some serious signals processing.

*sigh* Without people like Fourier and Laplace, we would be doing a lot of stuff on the analog side. Fortunately, there are plenty of signals processing techniques that can be done on the analog side.

Ray, I apologize for the unnecessary flaming. I suppose I drank one too many pints of Guinness that night. No hard feelings?

To Jia and Rama, any interesting design project stuff happening at McMaster? If there are make sure you check out ICUE at UWaterloo this year, and consider sending a paper submission (ICUE = International Conference for Upcoming Engineers).

Alan said...

There's going to be an ICE CUBE at UWaterloo this year? What the?...haha

Anyways, with respect to future plans, I figure that I probably won't have the marks to get into most post-grad programs. Other people have suggested that I go do Teacher's College, but for now, I'm not really sure if I want to be a teacher yet.

Jason Yu said...

ICE CUBE? You mean ICUE?