New school, new laptop

Concluding that my 15.4" notebook is too unwieldy to lug around to every class, I ordered a Vostro 1400 from Dell Small Business this Monday. I was afraid the notebook wouldn't be delivered on time, as Inspirons from Dell Home usually take 2-3 weeks from PO to delivery, but DSB surprised me with a swift 1-week turnaround. I'm loving the deal: pretty cheap, 2 pounds lighter than my 15.4-incher, and a high-res screen. Here's the specs:

Vostro 1400
14.1" WXGA+ 1440x900 LCD (glossy)
Intel Celeron M 540 @1.86GHz (single core Merom)
1.5GB DDR2 SDRAM @667 MHz
80GB 5400 rpm HDD
Intel GMA X3100 integrated graphics
Intel 4965 wireless a/g/n
24x CD Burner/DVD combo drive
56 WHr 6-cell battery

After a few calls, including some very polite negotiation with a CSR, I got the above for $699. I'm pretty satisfied.

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Theomnifish said...

Whoa, that`s a pretty nice computer sir! Since I'm training to be a CSR, I find it interesting when you say you negotiated with a CSR. I think I need to learn how to bargain with people, heh.