Heading to 1L soon

I'm headed to UBC law school in September. But I have yet to choose between several career paths. One takes me into public service, where I hope I eventually end up being a judge or justice of the peace. Another route leads to BigLaw(tm), where the money is. Trouble is I'd have to sell my life (and soul) to the law firm, at least until I make partner. The third path is public interest law. I don't have a strong conviction for any cause right now though, and the pay isn't great, so mostly likely I won't be doing public interest.

But who knows? Every law student I've talked to has said law school changes people, and that it's the most significant experience in their lives. So I'll stand at a crossroads right now, and let my law school experience guide me down the right path. The only thing I'm sure of now is that I want to go on exchange to Japan.

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Bao said...

ooh, a judge, that sounds like it could be interesting :)