Draft decks face off!

Today Alan and I faced each other with decks from our G9G and Coldsnap drafts. My G9G deck is one of the best I've made: it won all its single-player and multiplayer matches. It's Izzet-Gruul with a focus on combat tricks and card drawing. Alan's Coldsnap deck is a very aggressive deck that won most of its single-player games. It has an almost unfair allotment of snow cards and exploits that with 3 Skreds.

So, we faced off.

In the first game, Alan easily removed my defenders with 2 Skreds and a Surging Flame, winning the game quickly.

The second game was less one-sided. Alan got me down to 8 but I stabilized and eventually won.

The last game was very memorable. It started off like the first game, and soon I was down to 5. Alan was at 19. I had an idea worth 19 damage if it worked out, but it was risky. So I chose to pursue it.

Okay here's the game state.

Alan had 4 creatures in play:
Karplusan Wolverine, Zombie Musher, Stromgald Crusader, Orcish Bloodpainter (summoning sickness), two land untapped, and 1 card in his hand.

I also had 4 creatures:
Wee Dragonauts, Izzet Chronarch, Izzet Chronarch, Silhana Ledgewalker

So I decided to attack with all my creatures! I had 4 instants in my hand; these were key to the play: Gigadrowse, Schismotivate, Wildsize, Leap of Flame.

Alan declares blockers. He's at a comfortable 19, so Zombie Musher blocks one Izzet Chronarch. He blocked only one creature and didn't give his Crusader flying to block my Dragonauts. That sealed the game.

I cast all my instants, making my Wee Dragonauts 16/5 flying, trample, first strike. The unblocked Chronarch and Ledgewalker contribute to make 19 damage. Ultra! Ultra! Ultra!!!


Silph said...

*laughs* those crazy Izzet instants can do a LOT of surprise damage :-)

-- Silph

Bao said...

What do you think Alan was thinking?

Let's see... first of all, the card in his hand couldn't've been direct damage (that he could cast), cuz that would've saved him. So let's pretend his card is useless, so it's just the blockers.

In a regular case, I think Alan did the correct thing - there's no point losing the Crusader to a 1/3 flyer; and Alan needed his win condition, which was to attack next turn with enough creatures.

Alan probably thought that you were going on a suicide run. He probably knew your wee dragonauts would increase by a bit. For some reason, he would probably think you had a Leap of Flame in your hand, since it's common and very useful.

He didn't think you had 4 instants in your hand. Maybe he even thought you were depending on wildsize to draw your 4th instant.

MAYBE he DID think about the 4 instants. except for Schismotivate, which was the strongest thing this time.

Jason Yu said...

Alan knew I had Schizmotivate and Wildsize, since those I cast and got back with Chronarchs. Leap of Flame and Gigadrowse were the surprises. ;)

Alan said...

Yeah...I was thinking that he might have 3 instants maybe - 4 not as likely. Also, I was at 19 life...but I wanted to try to save enough creatures to be able to attack back for the win next turn, hence why I only blocked one creature.

In restrospect, if I had thought about it for a bit more, I probably would've figured out I probably should block the Wii Dragonauts (pun intended), but given what Jason had in his hand, he probably would've won anyways.

Jason Yu said...

Yeah. I figured I'd see what he blocks with. The way he blocked I could do just enough, 19. If he blocked more than that, I would've saved enough blue mana to use Gigadrowse to survive for another attack.

Gigadrowse for the win! Mini Time Walk? :P