To-do risuto

Add: I started using Google Calendar today. Much better than this list =P. Here's the feed.

'x' means done, while '-' means not 'x'.

Moving from apartment:
x clean room
x pack and move to aunt's house

x work evaluation
x work report evaluation
x application for pension plan lump-sum withdrawal
x farewell speech

Gifts/requested items:
x peanut butter for Silph
x Magic cards for Alan
x Aquarius for Bao
x iPod nano for sister
x high-end shaver for father
x electronic thermometer for mother
x Gundam modeling books for Paul

x Chiba University
- Akina downhill
x Akihabara (electric town)

x cancel gym membership
x cancel cell phone


transcendent said...

Just curious - did you have to write your work report in Japanese?

Bao said...

Is peanut butter that different? Maybe I should try a bit too. And how much are ipod nanos there compared to here?

Alan said...

Yeah...I was like, "whoa, an iPod nano, aren't those really expensive?" Then again, I've never really been interested in one, so I wouldn't really know how much it should be over here.

A farewell speech, eh? Are all the coops who are leaving going to be making one?

Oh, and I think it would be cool if you got to drive down the Akina downhill. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Japan sir, over here, most of us are struggling through exams. :P

Rick said...

Jason, care to scout out some old lab gear from Japan?

I'm in need of basic lab equipment like an oscilloscope and a function generator.

Jason Yu said...

No, the reports are in English. I'd write them in Japanese (good practice) if the school would accept them =P.

Bao: No clue about peanut butter being different...

Alan: iPod nanos cost about the same as in Canada.

Rick: I don't have the time to scout out old gear. I could maybe buy new equipment but that would be expensive. And the documentation would be in Japanese.

Rick said...

Good point Jason. And shipping the equipment over would cost too much and would be a huge inconvience getting it through customs.

And who knows? A customs officer might not understand what an oscilloscope is suppose to do and hold you up in an interrogation room for hours on end.

I suppose I can design and build my own tools.

I can't remember where I heard this from but I think my friend Geoff said this at school once, "The tools don't make the man. The man makes the tools."

Perhaps I should take that quote literally and construct my own gear.

Bao said...

hi! are you on a plane yet? what are your plans for the next few days? free on sunday? ;)

Jason Yu said...

Yeah I'm free this weekend.