Going to Japan

I haven't blogged for so long (too lazy and stuff..) but I should probably blog about this. I'm going to Japan to work for a year or so for Epson. I'm pretty excited :) It took the folks over at Japan a while to decide where I'll be working (there are 6 locations all over Japan) but they've finally decided that I'll be working in Hino! Hino (日野) is near Tokyo central -- in fact it is technically a part of Tokyo. I actually wanted to work in one of the smaller towns (like Beppu or Ueda) so that I'll be immersed in a fully Japanese environment, but I can't really complain about Hino either.. =P.

Here's a map of the software lab locations in case anyone's interested:


Bao said...

ooh, Japan again. Ooh ooh, buy a Japanese PS2, and get their versions of Karaoke Revolution. I hear they have maybe 10 different song expansion packs, and a lot of them have J-pop and anime songs! Get that!

Silph said...

Wow, Jason, I feel a mixtue of envy and pride in you! You're so far ahead of me in terms of life and getting a job. Japan is so exotic! Good for you!

And please to blog about your Japanese experiences, I'd love to hear about them!