Baaad Bad Weather

It seems like both East Asia and the Caribbean are having very stormy weather this season. Florida's been hit hard by Hurricanes Charley and Frances, and now Ivan has its sights on the poor Sunshine State. In Asia now, Typhoon Songda has been rampaging around in Korea and Japan, following Aere which has left Taiwan and China devastated two weeks ago.

More bad/unusual weather:

-snowfall in Alberta a couple days ago
-cold and wet summer here (mostly)
-unseasonally hot summer in BC

I don't know what my point is really. Maybe I'm running out of things to post about :(


Bao said...

don't worry. While you're in Waterloo, you'll find lots of things to blog about ;)

Alan said...

haha...yeah, that's true! :)

Btw, I think that hurricanes are named alphabetically after ppl...right? But do you have any idea how typhoons are named?

and lol about it being your first time seeing the place too. Our place got pretty ninjad by the 3 girl subletters, but we got a free couch and some other free stuff out of the deal, so maybe it was worth it lol

Jason Yu said...

I think typhoon names are chosen by the Asian countries affected by them. Each country affected is in this group and submits like 5 or 6 names to form a list of names, and I think the weather centre thingy in Tokyo assigns the names to the storms.